This project has moved and is read-only. For the latest updates, please go here.
  • There are two downloadable files. The "NetMailSender v1.x.x.x -" file is the actual application files and the other "NetMailSender v1.x.x.x -" is the Visual Studio project files.

  • Send email
  • Add custom header(s)
  • Add attachment(s)
  • Add Alternate views (html, plain text and vCalendar)
  • Add LinkedResource / Inline attachments
  • Set message priority
  • Use html body for message
  • Use read receipt
  • Send by port
  • Send by pickup folder
  • Send message every ‘x’ number of seconds
  • Send to multiple recipients (To, Cc, Bcc), use semicolon character to separate email address
  • Adjust file attachment content type
  • Adjust message encoding
  • Load and Save settings

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